Temporary Excavation Support Design  

Summit Geotechnical Consultants, Inc's. Temporary Excavation Support design services range from simple wood sheeting utility pits to complex, finite element soil structure interaction modeling of Temporary Excavation Support systems.

Summit's engineering staff works with the contractor to develop a Temporary Excavation Support strategy for each specific project. For relatively simple projects, Summit can provide simple designs quickly and at extremely competitive prices. For more complex projects, however, Summit's staff can develop creative design solutions to produce the most cost effective Temporary Excavation Support system for each specific project.

Internally Braced Steel Sheet Piling
Harvard University Graduate Student Housing
888 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Tiebacks, Soldier Piles and Lagging
Sturdy Memorial Hospital, Project 1 Systems Upgrade
Attleboro, Massachusetts


Soil Nail Wall
CA/ T Contract C09A3, U.S.P.S. Garage Replacement
Boston, Massachusetts


Tiebacks, Steel Sheet Piling
Massachusetts Highway Department, Interstate 495 Temporary Detour
Chelmsford, Massachusetts